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FMA Architecture Studio


FMA is a studio challenging the interactivity and balance of the earth and buildings in their architectural designs.

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FMA Architecture Studio FMA Architecture Studio FMA Architecture Studio
FMA Architecture Studio

Client : Reza Daneshmir

Technology : HTML, CSS, JS, PHP by Wordpress CMS

Services : Ui/Ux, Front-End, Back-End

Date : 2022

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The design challenge in this work is to create a balance between interactivity and keeping it minimal.
Looking at a way to break ideological constructions, breaking apart, breaking the foundation, a way
to break into the work without making it meaningless… it means seeing the issue of design through
the lens of the architect’s mind…

The solution for us is to create a theatrical pleasure…
With the presence of the user, the thread is separated, the discontinuity is restrained, and after that,
the creation of a self-made and asymmetric link begins.
(This possibility has been seen on the site so that the layout can be moved and arranged by the
How can two users experience the same space?
Drobsite installation experience…
Showing the projects is done through a narrow gap, or “showing an invisible find”…
The gradual unveiling encourages the desire to see…
However, it is possible to choose the viewing method: List, Map, Thumbnail…