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Nextoffice – Alireza Taghaboni


Next Office, founded by Alireza Taghaboni, aims to provide a contemporary alternative to traditional Iranian architecture, responding to each project's climate state and economic, socio-political, and cultural context.

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Nextoffice – Alireza Taghaboni Nextoffice – Alireza Taghaboni Nextoffice – Alireza Taghaboni

Client : Alireza Taghaboni

Technology : HTML, CSS, JS, PHP by Wordpress CMS

Services : Ui/Ux, Front-End, Back-End

Date : 2017

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nextoffice - Alireza Taghaboni website by Dokmeh Agency

Website Concept: Alireza Taghbani Architectural Office

During our initial introduction to NextOffice projects, presented to us by Alireza Taghboni at NextOffice, we were struck by a compelling thread that ran through them all.

Alireza Taghboni enlightened us about his ingenious use of the “crack” element as a structural feature, both internally and externally, in his architectural designs. Throughout his projects, we observed the recurring presence of these cracks, each playing a distinct role in shaping the overall form and functionality of the spaces they inhabit.

Inspired by the Crack Element, We Embraced a Fractured Website Structure

Drawing inspiration from the intriguing concept of the “crack element” in Alireza Taghboni’s (nextoffice)architectural designs, we embarked on a journey to infuse this notion into the very fabric of our website’s structure. Inspired by the transformative power of cracks, we envisioned a website that seamlessly blended the boundaries between content and navigation, creating a dynamic and engaging user experience.

This website won the CSS Design Awards (CSSDA) in 2017.

nextoffice - Alireza Taghaboni website by Dokmeh Agency