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Dorsa + Swarovski Landing page [Case Study]


Dorsa + Swarovski: A Heartbeat of Exquisite DesignThis combination forms the core concept of this research-driven project.Vibrant orange typography pulses with energy, while a gemstone heart encases a captivating interlocking ring. The beloved Dal line art playfully covers a portion of the design, creating a captivating all-or-nothing aesthetic.This conceptual design was envisioned for Deresa's landing page in collaboration with Swarovski.

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Dorsa + Swarovski Landing page [Case Study] Dorsa + Swarovski Landing page [Case Study] Dorsa + Swarovski Landing page [Case Study]


Unveiling Brilliance:
A Diamond-Cut Landing Page for Darsa’s Finest

Darsa, a brand synonymous with timeless elegance and quality, sought to illuminate a new facet of their offerings – a collection of truly exceptional leather goods, clothing, and home appliances. However, their existing landing pages lacked the sparkle needed to truly showcase these exquisite pieces.


A Landing Page Redefined

This wasn’t just about announcing new products; it was about crafting a digital experience that mirrored the brilliance of a diamond. Darsa’s offerings deserved a platform that transcended the ordinary – a landing page that dazzled like a facet in the sunlight.

Diamond Concept

Inspired by Light & Luxury

We drew inspiration from the captivating nature of diamonds. Gone were the flat layouts and generic visuals. Instead, we crafted a landing page that shimmered with creative brilliance. Interactive elements, like subtle light refractions, danced across the screen, highlighting Darsa’s exquisite products. High-quality, dynamic product photography captured the richness of the leather, the drape of the clothing, and the sleek lines of the homeware, each showcased like a precious gem.

Creative Design

Beyond the Sparkle

But the brilliance wasn’t just visual. We meticulously crafted the copywriting, using language as polished as Darsa’s finest leather. Each product description became a captivating story, enticing visitors to explore the depths of Darsa’s craftsmanship.


A Gateway to Excellence

Darsa’s diamond-inspired landing page is a testament to the power of pushing design boundaries. It’s a platform that captivates the senses, ignites curiosity, and ultimately, compels users to explore the world of luxury that awaits them. This isn’t just a landing page; it’s a portal to a dazzling display of Darsa’s finest, waiting to be discovered and treasured.