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Dorin Stone


Inspired by the glamour of nature, Dorine Stone is bringing you the most precious gift of nature to be part of your surroundings. With unlimited applications, you may add a touch of mystery to every room and feel the gratefulness toward the mother of nature in your spaces. Going thorough impassable quarries and mines, we handpick the most precious stones from all around the world in order to provide you with the most luxurious building material with the highest standards. Dorine Stone is not just a usual material but it’s all about eye catching beauty, passion and energy from the nature. With Dorine Stone, you may dream of new horizons of expectations.

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Dorin Stone Dorin Stone Dorin Stone
Dorin Stone

Client : Amir Tehrani

Technology : HTML, CSS, JS, PHP by Wordpress CMS

Services : Ui/Ux, Front-End, Back-End

Date : 2016

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